141: The Tortoise of Death

March 17, 2019

The world is full of such majestic creatures. Truly we are blessed to live in a land of such beauty where the animals don't explode. Now, stay with me here, what if they did? Why are you walking away?

140: Creature Feature: Hydras

March 10, 2019

Get those many heads swingin' and that world soul awakenin', Kevin and Jeremy are gonna tell YOU about a world full of hydras! It's...it's kinda a sucky place to be.

139: Giant Woman Face

March 3, 2019

In the biomechanical future(?) it's possible to wirelessly inject someone with literally and weird nonsense you want. And they can't stop you. They. Can't. Stop. You.

138: TSWG: The Minotaur’s Secret

February 24, 2019

Oh yes, the world generating machine is out of storage and ready to bring Kevin and Jeremy to a world of mystery and arguments about time travel. Join them and keep your hands inside the generator at all time.

137: Popeye’s Wet ‘n’ Wild Esophagus Ride

February 17, 2019

Ah, Popeye. A sailor man bolstered by the power of spinach. Not too weird you say? Well there are plenty of foods you can shove down your gob to get strong. Let's talk about some!

136: Creature Feature: Pheonix

February 10, 2019

Kevin and Jeremy delve into mythology, fiction, and the dark recesses of their own minds to bring you a variety of pheonixes for you to choose from. Part of a balanced breakfast!

135: These Teens Are Eating Materia

February 3, 2019

The guys tried to talk about Kingdom Hearts, but, uh, it’s very complicated. Instead they’re going to talk about Materia from Final Fantasy which is…less complicated?

134: The Devil’s Butter

January 27, 2019

Take a leap of faith into the fairy circle. Will you lose an eye? Will you become a sorcerer? Will you find the Devil churning his milk? Which one is the weirdest? Kevin and Jeremy will find out.

133: TSWG: Sturmkreig: The Internal Machine

January 20, 2019

Boot up your internet and hold onto your hats, Kevin and Jeremy are taking you into an adventure world with animals who are cars who are heavy metal.

132: Squirrel Wingman

January 13, 2019

The podcast today is not about Tom Brady. I can’t stress this enough. This podcast is about magic animals offering you wishes. NOT TOM BRADY.